About me

Hi, I’m Percy Vasquez and welcome to my Blog. Here is a little bit about myself, my blog, and the mission I will have for my blog to you:

I was born in Pucallpa-Peru, and I came to the United States when I was 17 years old. I wanted to become an Environmental Engineer as soon as I graduated high school in Peru. I loved biology and science in general, so I thought that was the perfect fit for me.

My plans changed when I got here to Alexandria, Virginia with all my 4 siblings and my mother. I had to learn the language I had to find a job and basically adjust myself to this new way of living.

Something I do have to say is that, back then in my 18’s, I was such a bitter person and such a complainer. Not really wanting to be fully responsible for what was happening in my life.

Everything started to make sense when I started to listen to motivational and personal development audios my mom had playing on the computer. Of course, the first days I was totally reluctant to even let these new ideas get into my mind and conflict with my very grounded beliefs I had.

Long story short, I embarked on this journey of bettering myself to the fullest at age 18 and have been experimenting with these new ideas, new practices, new habits, ever since till now 2016 that I have decided to have a blog and start sharing my experiences with those people out there that might be going trough the same situations and want to help themselves.


About my blog:

I know there are lots of blogs that already talk about this very broad subject which is personal development. However, we are all different in some many ways and you might like how this specific person addresses certain subject better than this other person even though they might be talking about the same subject. It’s all in how we resonate with other people.

Here in my blog, I will share my experiences. I will not only make posts about personal development, but you will also see posts about my life in general and what I do. I am just giving you a heads up by saying this because I don’t want you to have the idea that you will only find personal development info in this blog, and then be complaining about it. LOL.. Ultimately, it is my blog right, and I decide what to put up or not.

Thanks for understanding! No hurt feelings.


About my Mission to you:

Despite of all the great posts I will be posting about my life and posts about finances, fitness, health, love, relationships, happiness, spirituality, and all these very important areas in our lives (personal development in general), I will have a mission to you. Basically, my mission to you will be based on taking you into this journey of self-mastery much faster.

First, you need to understand these 2 phase Outline I came up with:

1.- Money: Let’s be honest, if you are in this journey of improving yourself in all areas of your life you first need to set up a stream of passive income. That’s what many people don’t tell you. You need to have some type of passive income, at least one in the beginning, in order for you to free up your time. What you want is to play this game the smart way, which means that you need to be freeing up your time from your day job so you can spend that time on something you care about, it could be more time with your children, more time with your family, more time creating something big that will impact other people’s lives, more time to play this instrument of your dreams. So, there you have it.

2.- Self-Mastery: Once you have money coming in from various streams of passive incomes, and you have your financial situation more stable, now you can pretty much focus on your personal development more in depth. So, in the first phase, I talked to you about having passive incomes that let you free up your time. While your main focus is working on that, you still want to be learning about personal development and building some new good habits in your life. It not like you are only going to focus on having passive incomes because it is your main focus, and ignore these other areas of your life. Noo no no, I didn’t say that. Hopefully, you have that clear now. In the second phase you want to grow in your personal development, but now you will be able to do it 10 times faster than when you were in the first phase because by now you might be only working 2 days a week on your day job, or even you might have quit your day job because you don’t need it. Isn’t this amazing and great and wonderful!! You know will grow much much faster in those areas of your life you wanted to change.

This is my view from this whole personal development game, and this is what I doing. I am still in phase 1 working very hard on my main focus which (You know it) is having passive incomes that allow me to free up my time. Yeahh baby.

I understand if you don’t like the way I have outlined the self-mastery game, but, as I said in the beginning, we don’t resonate with everything.

In the meantime, I want you to please forgive me because I haven’t completed how I will get to share this with you in a very simple and organized way. I am still working on this. My goal will be to take you trough phase 1 very easily, and then introducing you to phase 2 which even though seems super easy, without a good foundation and proper guidance, it could be very deceiving.

My compromise to you for now, will be this. I will give you the tools I am using to get you trough phase 1 safe and sound. That will mean that you will end phase 1 when you have the passive incomes you need in order to make you free up your time.