I created this video because I know there might be some people out there trying to figure out a way to having their recurring payments on schedule and very organized.

Something I want to mention is that the support team simple has is incredibly amazing! I really mean this. If you have any type of questions, give these guys a call or write them a message on the message area they have built in the website. Simple has proven that great customer service doesn’t have to be a premium thing. Despite our financial situation, they want to communicate with and treat all their customers the same way.

After all, this is a great tool to have. This is the way to go if you want to be on top of your financial situation. And on top of your recurring payments that tend to be a little tricky to manage depending on how many you have and how frequently you pay for them.

Now, I want to say that I just started using simple, a few weeks back. Therefore, I am not an expert on resolving financial problems. I just did this video because I felt like there might be some other people out there that are already using simple that might benefit from this video.

Also, I want to be honest and say this. As soon as I opened my account with simple, I thought for some reason that they would have a great tool (Easy to understand) that would help me save money for goals and more importantly for setting aside money for the recurring payments I have. So, discovering that they don’t actually have a very well designed tool for recurring payments (what I mean is a tool that is meant for recurring payments only and that makes sense and it is easy to use), made me just want to cancel my account.

And I know I was acting a little harsh on them and somewhat reactive by not giving these guys the chance to probably give me some tips on how to do this.

So, I calmed down I entered into a proactive mode and I reached out to the support team, and I asked if there was a way to doing this (creating a recurring payments using the goal tool) and there was another way. They were so helpful and patient to explain me how to use the goal tool and gave me some ideas on how I could have them for a recurring payment.


I hope you guys benefited from this trick on how to have a recurring payment set on a goal.


So this is my first post I am doing on my blog after I have redesigned my theme. And as the first one, I want to share that today I was paid from Amazon. THIS IS SO EXCITING! I woke up this morning and saw that I received my checks from Amazon into my bank account. You know what is funny, though, I knew I was going to be paid today in the morning, so I was up late yesterday waiting for my checks to be deposited till I decided to go to bed around 2 am thinking that I must have had the dates wrong.

Anyhow, I know the sum of all these checks is not much, but the fact that I made money online is just wonderful. This is what I was waiting for, to have passive incomes that get deposited into my bank account every month from various sources.

You might be like, “Passive income.. What is that? and how can I get involved?”

Well, as I said, my earnings are not tremendous now, and I wouldn’t feel right if I have myself explain how this whole concept works knowing that I am not a complete expert on the subject yet. Thus, the best I can do in the position I am right now is recommend you who I followed to have the financial results I have been having these past months. ( Later in a future post I will reveal how my journey started and everything, but for now, I am celebrating by creating this post. I made money online. My first Passive income stream, Yahooooo!! Oh Man, I feel so happy. This is the door that will open me to a new world of possibilities and abundance.

This is the very first video I saw that talked about having passive incomes in your life and why they are important and the various options there are out there for you to choose depending on your financial situation.



So, I haven’t found the original video I watched, but here is another one. The same author.

Now, I want to tell you that now that you know the different routes you can take, you need to focus on one and one only until you succeed. Remember to only have one focus (That is the key here)